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Wee Jasper Reserves – A unique holiday location for those looking for a beautiful escape

Wee Jasper Reserves – A unique holiday location for those looking for a beautiful escape

Just a short drive from Australia's capital is a secluded haven for the traveller who wants to escape the stress and chaos of city life. Wee Jasper Reserves is an area of New South Wales (NSW) that is made up of six unique and stunning camping grounds:  Billy Grace Reserve camping ground, Careys Reserve camping ground, Fitzpatrick Trackhead camping ground, Micalong Creek camping ground and Swinging Bridge camping ground.

The accommodation is simple and often basic. Visitors can enjoy their stunning surrounds without the interruption of modern distractions such as mobile phones. The area is family run and is ideal for lone campers and families alike.

It’s a bushwalker’s paradise

The area surrounding the Wee Jasper Reserves is filled with walking tours for all levels of fitness. The historians will love the proximity to the Hume and Hovell Walking Track. This is the track mapped out to follow the original 426-kilometre trail first explored by Hamilton Hume and William Hovell on their expedition to Port Phillip in 1824. The track passes through the Wee Jasper Reserves, so the surrounding camping grounds are an ideal stopover for walkers attempting the trail.

Another stunning, if perhaps a little less challenging, walk is the Micalong to Swinging Bridge walk. This is a shorter track that takes the walker through the gorgeous surrounds via the tranquil waters of the Goodradigbee River.

Walkers can follow existing trails or forge their own to suit their fitness and walking preferences and make the most of the local area.

One of Australia’s most fascinating cave systems at your doorstep

Another fascinating attraction in the Wee Jasper area is the complex and unique cave systems, waiting to be explored. The cave formations are spectacular and tours have been designed to suit the audience. The caves run educational days for children, including many entertaining activities to keep the young ones engaged. The cave has come to be a hotspot for people looking for something a bit different.

Visitors can understand the history, geology and wildlife of the caves, enjoy a concert, experience an art exhibition, or even get married.

Wee Jasper Reserves lie on the banks of the Burrinjuck Waters

Burrinjuck Waters are picturesque waterways that flow through the local area. The waters are ideal for fishers, families and visitors alike. Fishing enthusiasts will love the variety of fish to be found in the waters including Murray cod, golden perch, trout and redfin, amongst others. Birdwatchers will be thrilled by the range of birdlife that frequent the waters.

Families looking for a bit more adventure can enjoy the variety of water sports available, jump in the waters for a refreshing swim or simply appreciate the quiet surrounds with a picnic by the water.

During the Christmas holiday period, visitors benefit from the seasonal fun of the NV Getaway tours on the waters. Operating from the Burrinjuck Waters Holiday Park, this boat ride will take you all the way across the waters to Wee Jasper and back, a fun day out for the boat lovers.

Wee Jasper Reserves Bonfire and Fireworks Night

The one annual event run directly by the reserves is the spectacular Wee Jasper Reserves Bonfire and Fireworks Night. This is an annual event for locals and tourists alike and a lot of the proceeds are donated to charity.

Basic camping at its best

With six separate reserves to choose from, you are spoilt for choice at Wee Jasper Reserves. Pick the perfect spot to suit your family, whether it be by the water, in a secluded shady area, or on a lovely grassy space. The reserves don’t have many amenities and are a great example of authentic, basic camping, perfect for the family or the lone camper.

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