Caravan and Camping on Crown Land NSW

Top Crown Land Camping and Caravan options in the Snowy Mountains

Top Crown Land Camping and Caravan options in the Snowy Mountains

The Snowy Mountains of New South Wales (NSW) are, as the name suggests, the state’s top snow-capped peaks. The mountains are spectacular and prove extremely popular for mountaineers, mountain bikers, horse riders and skiers alike. Close to the city of Canberra, the Snowy Mountains are a wonderful combination of exquisite natural landmarks with decadent restaurants, museums and galleries rich with the creativity, culture and heritage of the area.

Because of its popularity, there is a vast range of accommodation options for those wanting to explore the area, from exotic and luxurious, to rustic and no-nonsense. For those on a budget, the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment manages several caravan and camping sites in and around the Snowy Mountains region.

Tumut and surrounds

Historically, Tumut marked the boundary separating three Aboriginal tribes of the area and thus is a meaningful landmark in Aboriginal history. The word Tumut is derived from an Aboriginal word meaning ‘quiet resting place by the river’. The tranquillity of the Tumut River is still evident today and the nearby Blowering Dam is great for fishing and water sports. There are also some incredible scenic 4WD routes including the Brindabella Road from Canberra to Tumut.

Crown land accommodation includes:

  • Thomas Boyd Trackhead

Tumbarumba and surrounds

Tumburumba is a wonderfully classic country town located almost equidistant from Sydney and Melbourne on the western side of the Snowy Mountains. The rich agriculture and climate has made it an ideal spot for growing some of the region’s best cool-climate wines. There is a vibrant history of gold mining, timber and cattle farming. In addition to the wine tours, Tumbarumba is not far from Paddy’s River Falls, Pioneer Women’s Hut and several galleries and museums.

Crown land accommodation includes:

  • Henry Angel Trackhead

Jindabyne and surrounds

Jindabyne has a fascinating history: the town was moved during the 1960s when the Snowy River was dammed. The remains of the original town lie beneath the surface of Lake Jindabyne. Nowadays, Jindabyne is a world-class tourist destination all year. The lake is a popular spot for summer vacationers looking to fish or enjoy other water sports. The area is a stone’s throw from some of the best mountain bike tracks in the area and of course the slopes for a spot of skiing or snowboarding.

Crown land accommodation includes:

  • Rainbow Pines Tourist Caravan
  • Snowy River Holiday Park

Cooma and surrounds

Cooma is the largest town in the Snowy Mountains region and is a great base from which to explore the area. Cooma has a deep history of gold mining and has been a tourist and holiday hotspot for more than 150 years. Visitors can enjoy the many delicious restaurants and caf├ęs, shops and markets while having direct access to the many nature-based activities. Cooma is surrounded by national parkland and reserves. It is ideal for horse riding, hiking and fishing.


Bombala is a quaint, little, country town in the eastern Monaro region, midway between the Snowy Mountains and the south coast. Like many outback towns, Bombala relies quite heavily on its grazing, but in recent years has built an exceptional reputation with its supply of lavender-based products such as jam and soap. The town is a short drive from South East Forests National Park, and visitors can explore some of the local attractions such as the Platypus Sanctuary and the Railway Museum.

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