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Urunga Heads Holiday Park – award-winning site is anchor for local community

Urunga Heads Holiday Park – award-winning site is anchor for local community

New South Wales (NSW) is full of unique little gems where holiday-makers can experience spectacular views and engaging activities. One such location is the stunning Urunga Heads, where dolphin-watching is commonplace, rainforests are a stone’s throw away and the coast is flawless.

The award-winning Urunga Heads Holiday Park is a Crown reserve site with amazing facilities and accommodation. The site has been awarded for excellence on a number of occasions and is the ideal location for holiday-makers looking for a wonderful coastal holiday.

Public reserves funding has strengthened Urunga as a thriving tourist destination

Urunga Heads Holiday Park is a part of the NSW Crown Holiday Parks Trust (CHPT), which received funding from the Public Reserves Management Fund Program (PRMFP) in 2014. The CHPT operates 35 coastal and inland holiday parks located on Crown land across NSW. To ensure that even the smallest remote locations receive the same attention as the thriving sites, the CHPT manages the distribution of funds.

As a result of that funding, the Urunga Heads Holiday Park has overhauled its facilities to become a truly competitive location. The park revamped its amenities building. NSW CHPT CEO Steve Edmonds said of the funding, 'The upgrade of the amenities building at Urunga Heads will further improve our visitors’ experience at this award-winning site'. The funding has raised the profile of the park and the local area as a whole.

Raising the profile of Urunga

As the Urunga Heads Holiday Parks builds its reputation as a must-stay location for visitors, the whole community benefits greatly. There are unique tourist experiences in the local area, including awe-inspiring walks, spectacular boat rides, cycling tracks, scenic drives and so much more. The local businesses that run these activities rely heavily on the tourist industry. When an accommodation venue such as the holiday park raises its profile, it contributes significantly to the local community.

So much more than a coastal town

Urunga is a wonderful town, steeped in rich history. Originally inhabited by the Gumbaynggir people, Urunga lies by the Kalang River at the mouth of the Bellinger River. It has had a thriving timber industry, and for many years was a busy shipping port. Today, you can experience that history through the remaining locations, which are still intact.

Tourists can experience this heritage while drinking in the natural wonders of the area. Boating tours will take visitors down the river and even out the heads into the ocean, where they can spend an afternoon spotting whales, seals and dolphins. Holiday-makers can carve out their own unique experiences and with the many awards Urunga Heads Holiday Parks has under its belt, they can enjoy reliable and excellent accommodation.

Explore the NSW Crown Holiday Parks Trust for your next adventure

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